Crossed: Dead Or Alive – The New Webcomic, Print Comic, And Film Webisodes From Garth Ennis

An open letter to Crossed fans from William Christensen, publisher of Avatar Press:

Crossed: Dead or Alive is the title of the upcoming live action filmed webisodes that will be written and directed by Garth Ennis. DOA will also have Ennis penned tie-in web comics that will expand and further develop the concepts of the film series and characters. We will be using the strengths of each medium to work together in creating a Crossed multi-platform program which is 100% Garth’s vision. The web comics will be unique original works that together (with the webisodes) tell a richer and more complete tale of the characters and concepts introduced. We hope it will deliver the terror of Crossed in a whole new way and allows Garth the complete control of the filmed material to really deliver his true vision of horror.

This Spring, Avatar will be running a fund-raiser to help get this off the ground, and we’ll be doing it all ourselves to make sure Garth Ennis has total creative control. Right now, you can go to, where we have the weekly Crossed: Wish You Were Here original webcomic running, to sign up for the Crossed: Dead or Alive project list — or just follow Crossed on twitter, facebook, or google plus. Everyone on the list will get updates and special insight to the program and will be the first to find out when all the pledge categories are live and all the creepy goodies listed. Once they are, Garth’s web comics will begin running on the site as a thank you to the fans that graciously lend their support to getting Crossed on film! With the help of Crossed Nation fans our goal is to raise enough money to film all Crossed: Dead or Alive season 1 episodes in early 2014. You’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the coming months and I thank you one and all for making Crossed such a smash hit.


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  • Zach

    Live action Crossed webisodes? God help us all.

  • TouchingEvil

    I would give money for a Crossed film, but NO disney shit!

    • Triangle Dimes

      Yeah, we should all have the right to hear the helpless screams of children during one of those “here’s your whole family being raped and mutilated in front of you” scenes.

      • Horsecock!

        I agree.

    • Critter

      Lmao really?! Disney and crossed. How could you even bring thos two near each other. Pre sure Disney isn’t interested in buying any crossed product.

  • Mahat Argyll

    This is obviously some weird joke or something…very funny, Avatar!

  • Brady

    I’m scared for my sanity, yet intrigued by the notion of this. How far I’ve fallen, and yet loving every issue of Crossed I read.

  • Shan

    What about a kickstarter? Worked for Veronica Mars!

  • beba

    lmao @1ae397a19d6244ea0dc2f6b8c75b24f4:disqus, somehow i doubt disneys gonna be interested in crossed, theyre too busy gang raping star wars

    • Guestaccount

      Disney couldn’t fuck up as bad as George Lucas did if they tried their damnedest

  • Derrick

    Jesus, where does Garth find the time?

  • Travis Rhiner

    Garth Ennis writing, directing and bringing it to film… Can’t wait for that. crossed is the most brutal story i have ever read. The first story was my personal favorite graphic novels, witch Ennis wrote. This is going to be epic!!! I’d buy that for a dollar!!!

    • You fucking weak-ass hipster.

      Anyone who calls comic-books “graphic novels” is a pretentious cunt and needs to be gang-fucked by knife-wielding Crossed.

  • Wyatt Graves

    God. Can you imagine the carnage. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Nicole Sharkody

    How Deliciously Evil, Brutal and Terrific! If Garth can pull this off then I give him even more credit than I already do!

  • Mona

    This is going to be the weirdest porno ever, cant wait!

  • Genghis Jon

    I feel bad READING Crossed ha ha! Now you’re telling me I can watch it! I can’t wait to see what Ennis has in store for us. Bravo.

  • Horsecock!

    YEEAAAAAAAH MOTHERFUCKERS! Sign me up! I wanna play Horsecock!

  • URS2?


  • Crossed

    God fucking yes.. i always wanted to know what a Crossed sound like.

    • Torin Smith

      I imagined them sounding like a psycho off of borderlands.

  • wef

    If you want to know ho0w it will be, just look up “A Serbian Film” can’t get any worse then that, but it will can.

  • Sk4t4nic

    The only good that has ever come from my years of browsing /b/ is finding the crossed in a fucked up comic strip thread. This is so good. I already got my brother, cousin and friends hooked. Now webisodes? This is gonna be great!

    • neckbeard

      1&2, dude. 1&2.

  • Johan Bengtsson


  • toxic delirium

    Fuck me I wanted to die before.

  • toxic delirium

    However life is a bitch

  • toxic delirium

    Lol guh life is a bitch

  • toxic delirium

    Thrint get off me you fucking get off me get off me just get off mee ghetto off me

  • John

    I have grown bored of this comic, It has become more of the same the (Shock and Aw) has worn off all the comic comes down to is that all but two survives die off.
    I tried to get my friends in to the comic but sense they are in school for Micro Biology they tore the story and the Virus apart, I can see what they mean the Crossed would not last past 5 year or live long on Human flesh alone they would die off from malnutrition and sickness along with Exposure the crossed Life span is low.

  • Anthony Dominick Carnovale

    ok but fucking when though? its already four months into 2014 and still no updates!!!!!!!

  • jake

    Ive been masturbating to the comics for quite a while but having webisodes made will make it so much easier and so much more fun.
    I hope here is female nudity,

  • Me

    So, is this EVER going to actually happen or what? It has been over a year and ……. NOTHING.

  • Me

    So, is this EVER going to actually happen or what? It has been over a year and ……. NOTHING.

  • Me

    So, is this EVER going to actually happen or what? It has been over a year and ……. NOTHING.

  • Me

    So, is this EVER going to actually happen or what? It has been over a year and ……. NOTHING.

  • Me

    So, is this EVER going to actually happen or what? It has been over a year and ……. NOTHING.

  • Mat Monosn

    somehow i doubt that the series if it ever came to be will reflect the horror and the depravity that exist in the crossed universe ,on the other hand i could be wrong and garth and the producers might be bold and surprise us like how i was surprised with authenticity of the game of thrones to the books for example