Interlude 3

We know skip weeks aren’t ideal. Episodic narratives like this need to flow, to build momentum, to grab you by the knackers and not unclench. Alas, restoring and adapting Shaky’s diaries for the comic-book form – wiping off the blood, stitching torn pages back together, interpreting the poor idiot’s terrible handwriting – is a laborious and often thankless task, and once in a while even those of us dedicated to such things must cry “time out”.

Well. Please be assured we’ve done everything in our power to make sure the breaks are as sparsely deployed as possible. We’ve paced things out with care, so when skip weeks do occur it’s not necessarily a sign we’ve caught up with ourselves, but a chance to give our future selves some wriggle-room to stay on target.

Luckily for us, a skip week needn’t be a barren week. All throughout Shaky’s diary we’ve found thoughts, margin-scrawls and footnotes of various sizes, and on various topics – presumably attesting to the frequent bouts of boredom the man suffered – which didn’t themselves warrant the narrative treatment. We can therefore take the opportunity to pause in the tale and bring you these 1st-hand observations from his terrible, troubled little world.

Thanks for your support, and we’ll be right back next week.


Si & Javier

(and in the meantime, here’s Diary Supplemental: Shaky’s Observations #3 to tide you over…)

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